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The ultimate alternate wedding shots! 


Probably the most special piece of clothing you'll ever buy and you only get to wear it once?!? Do you want to create a lasting memory of your special dress? Then if you have a hobby you'd love to tie into your wedding photos you can create a 'Rock The Frock' moment.


  • campervan

Have a pet that was too big and hairy (or just too excitable) to take to your wedding?

Does you or your newly married partner love to skateboard and want to try a kick-flip in your dress?

Do you have a special fancy dress that your family love to use?

Perhaps you've been married a few years and want to try and recreate some of your original photos?

Some people like to just have a newly-wed's paint throwing contest!

Maybe you would just like to run across some fields with the breeze in your hair.


The sky is more-or-less the limit!



 Pricing starts at £199 and includes travel to your location of choice and a beautifully printed A3 canvas. Get in contact for a custom quote or maybe even to buy a session as a gift!